AMICI | Halal-Certified Caterer

Step into the Past:
Unveiling Our History.

Tracing Our Roots: Exploring Milestones and Memories in Our Historical Journey



Inception: Friends Alley Restaurant

In 2002, Friends Alley Restaurant was born, marking the beginning of a culinary journey. It was a year of innovation and enthusiasm. This year saw the establishment of a place where friends and food enthusiasts could come together to enjoy delicious meals and create lasting memories.



Transformation: AMICI Events and Catering

The year 2013 marked a pivotal transformation when Friends Alley Restaurant evolved into AMICI Events and Catering, expanding its horizons beyond traditional dining.



Embracing Responsibility: CSR Initiatives

In 2014, AMICI Events and Catering took a significant step towards social responsibility by initiating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, demonstrating a commitment to giving back to the community.

Glazing Table


Rise to Excellence: AMICI's Bakery and Patisserie Expansion in Malaysia

AMICI continued to flourish in 2015, as it expanded into the manufacturing of bakery, patisserie, and custom-crafted baked goods, establishing a strong presence in Malaysia.



Commitment to Sustainability

AMICI solidified its commitment to sustainability. This year was marked by efforts to reduce environmental impact, source ingredients responsibly, and implement eco-friendly practices in their operations, aligning with the global trend towards sustainable dining.



Expanding Services: Equipment Rental & Robot Butler Services

2019 brought an expansion of services. AMICI broadened its offerings to include equipment rental, allowing clients to host events with ease. Additionally, the introduction of robot butler services added a touch of innovation to their offerings.

Celebrating Two Decades


Celebrating Two Decades: EST.2000 Establishment

In 2023, AMICI celebrated its 20th anniversary with the EST.2000 Establishment, reflecting on two decades of culinary excellence and growth. EST.2000 began manufacturing frozen products like lobster bisque and introducing the sub-brand Curryhaus to diversify offerings and provide delicious grab-and-go options, ranging from Japanese-style curry to hearty rendang and vegan curries.