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We are a boutique caterer who takes on our events with a passionate heart and a spirit of excellence. Whether you are planning to host an intimate dinner or a large-scale catering event, Amici menus are crafted in-house to reflect the elegance and diversity of Eastern and Western cuisines, from canapes to buffet spreads and ‘live’ cooking stations.

Talk to us. Share your vision, and we will make it happen for you, and your guests to experience gourmet wonders for every moment.

Making bold statements. Whipping up delicious cuisines. Creating unforgettable experiences. This is what Amici is all about.


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The Best Place To Eat Is Where The Chef Loves To Cook

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Meet Our Best Chefs

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Adam Banks

Executive Chef

Jeremy Elliot

Main Chef

Emma Brewer

Pastry Chef


Today's Best Offers


Chicken Wings

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Chicken Breast

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Greek Salad

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Mater Class from our Chef

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