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How To Elevate A Business Event With Canapés Catering


Organising a business event soon? Feeling overwhelmed by the details, particularly the food? Fear not, because learning how to cater canapés will quickly elevate your event from ordinary to outstanding. A thoughtful assortment of bite-sized treats can make a lasting impression on guests at any gathering. 

This article aims to provide you with guidance on canapé catering and delectable suggestions to spice up your next business gathering. So, let’s get started and make your event one to remember!

The Importance of Canapés in Business Events

At corporate events, canapés are essential for creating a positive atmosphere and improving the guest experience. They facilitate networking and participation by acting as conversation starters. 

In addition, skillfully arranged canapés reflect professionalism and precision, creating a favourable impression on partners, coworkers, and clients.

Types of Canapés for Business Events

Discover a range of canapés designed for business gatherings, ranging from classic favourites to creative inventions. These tasty choices will elevate your catering selections and leave an impression on your guests.

Classic Canapés

Elevate your business gatherings with Amici’s classic canapés catering, and savour their exquisite flavours. This collection, which includes desserts, premium meats, seafood, and vegetarian delicacies, will satisfy every palate.

Vegetarian Selection

Savour the elegance of a vegetarian canapés selection, made with the freshest produce and finest ingredients. From vibrant Garden on Blinis to luxurious purple cauliflower tart, each bite bursts with flavour and a touch of refinement.

Prime Meat Selection

Experience culinary perfection with a selection of prime meat canapés carefully prepared to entice your taste buds. Amici’s dishes, from the tender confit of pulled short ribs to the savoury smoked duck with saffron longan, showcase its commitment to excellence in presentation and flavour.

Ocean Catch

Explore the rich flavours of our ocean catch canapés, which feature the finest seafood dishes. From elegant prawn tartar in peach-compressed Kyuri to flavorful black pepper crab on a cracker, every bite transports you to coastal bliss, bringing a touch of class and finesse to your business event. 

Sweet Temptation

With our tempting sweet canapés, you can round out your business event canape menu on a high note. Every dessert, from delicate mini caramel nut tart to rich Pandan Kaya Éclair, is the ideal balance of decadence and sophistication, leaving your visitors wanting more.

Canapé Gift Box

Take your corporate event to the next level with our Canapés Gift Box, filled to the brim with a delectable array of flavours. 

Whether you choose to indulge in our vegetarian, prime meat, ocean catch, or sweet temptation options, you can rest assured that each bite will be an absolute pleasure. You can even personalise the experience with add-on drinks and customised labels for a memorable touch.

Considerations for Canapé Catering

The art of canapé catering demands meticulous organisation and precision. To guarantee that your visitors have an unforgettable dining experience, consider elements such as: 

  • Dietary restrictions
  • Seasonal items
  • Overall flavour harmony

Dietary restrictions, Halal and other preferences

When it comes to catering, canapes can be more difficult than formal sit-down events, where servers can readily determine where guests with specific dietary needs are seated. 

However, if you offer a variety of Halal, vegetarian, gluten-free, and other canape options, you can efficiently address most dietary concerns.

Presentation and aesthetics

Food presentation is just as important as flavour. Hence, consider how your canapé arrangement could improve the event and how it displays the food.

Always keep in mind that canapés can enhance or ruin an occasion. Good canapés are a hit with all ages, so don’t undervalue their significance when planning the occasion.

Quantity planning based on the event size

When planning the quantity of canapés, keep the event size in mind. Ensure that there is enough for everyone to enjoy without overindulging. 

Larger celebrations might require 5–6 pieces per person, while smaller gatherings might need 3–4. Always make adjustments for duration, meal timing, and variety to guarantee that every guest has a positive experience.

Coordination with the catering service provider

A successful event depends on efficient collaboration between you and your catering company. Be specific in communicating your goals, dietary requirements, and event schedule. 

Ensure they know the setup requirements, venue limitations, and event time frame. Regular communication and collaboration will result in a seamless catering service that exceeds your expectations.

Hire The Best Canapé Catering in Singapore for your Business Event

With Amici‘s outstanding canapé catering services in Singapore, you can make your business event one to remember. Contact us today to impress your guests and leave a lasting impression!

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